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For the use of students undertaking the International Baccalaureate Diploma Course.

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Subject Specific Notes:

German B HL

Latin HL

Maths Methods SL

Physics SL

History SL

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Classical Greek

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14/6/2003 - I added a translation of Virgil's Aeneid, Book 4, that due to my slackness was never uploaded.

25/2/2003 - The site received a much needed revamp. Firstly my email address changed (click the link below to see the new one). Secondly, all other email contacts have been removed from other pages. Thirdly the German section has been removed. Fourthy, A1 English notes will not be uploaded. Fifthly, I am planning to put in a forum on the site so people can write comments, queries, etc. Please email and tell me what you think of this idea..

10/9/2002 - 4000 users as of yesterday! This is great... keep telling people about the site.

9/6/2002 - I have a new site to recommend. Go to This Site for a great site on IB Links for all subjects. The site is called the IB Hexagon.



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