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In regards to these notes, my advice is, do the work yourself, you can't learn the translation. Some of these texts took me well over a year to do. So don't cheat, do the work yourself. But by all means use this as a reference.


Catiline 1

My Translation of In Catilinam Book 1, by Cicero. Get it before they change the course in 2 years' time... then this will probably be useless. Except for the avid classicist who just wants another translation.

Catiline 4

My translation of In Catilinam Book 4, by Cicero.

Aeneid Book 4

My translation of Aeneid Book 4, by Virgil.

Aeneid Essay Quotations

Some top quotes from Books I, II, IV, and VI of the Aeneid. A must for essays.


The Perseus Project

Perseus - Undoubtedly the best site on the Net for the Classicist. Get any translation of almost any ancient text that you want.

Sydney University Library Catalogue

University of Sydney Library Catalogue. Home of a lot of classical texts. I spose it's only good if you live in Sydney though...

The IB Notes Page, 2001

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