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About Me!


 My name is James. Over the years 1999-2001, I undertook the International Baccalaureate diploma. The diploma is an excellent course which I highly recommend. If asked to do the course again, I would give a definite "Yes."

With my IB studies almost over, I decided I would create a web page where I can publish my notes on the Web. I have shown some of them to some people, who found them rather useful, so I hope that if you download them and use them, you too will find them useful.


The Subjects I undertook as part of the IB Course were:

English A1 HL - I scored a 6

German B HL - I scored a 6

Latin HL - I scored a 6

Physics SL - I scored a 7

Maths Methods SL - I scored a 7

History SL - I scored a 7

Please note that many subjects in the IB change their syllabus every 5 or so years. These notes are current for the syllabi outlined in the November 2001 exams, and are all subject to change over time. From my own knowledge, I know that the Physics and Maths notes on this site are current for the 2003 syllabus (which lasts for 5 years). The Latin and History syllabi will change after that time, but the notes are still very useful. (For example, Higher Level Latin students, from 2003, study Aeneid Book 2, but must read Books 1, 4, and 6, additionally in translation, so my notes are still helpful. The history syllabus still includes the notes I have (or will) provide(d).)

I thought, that, I could contribute to other people's learning by putting my notes to good use, where others can find them and hopefully use them. Please use this site fairly and don't plagiarise. Any mention of that and I'll shut this site down.

 I can be contacted in the following ways:


Click Here

(My address has an underscore in it if you don't use the link)


For privacy reasons, Email me to find out

Email is preferred. I check it more often.

Apologies for the dodgy picture, I don't have a scanner or digital camera, so I used this one. Thanks to Tim for taking the picture of me... and sorry I copied it off your website.

No, this is not my homepage, I'll put one up when I can be bothered.

If you want to send some notes in, I'll put your picture on a special contributors webpage.

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