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By downloading ANY of these notes or indeed using this site in any way:

(a) You accept that the accuracy of the notes is not my responsibility.

(b) You agree not to pass any of the notes as your own work. I do not support plagiarism.

(c) You also write your own notes. Reading mine, however good you think they might be, will not get you anywhere. A good program of revision (reading, and writing notes) of your own notes summarised from textbooks and other sources like this site will help.

A Quick FAQ:

1. YES, I will publish more notes if you want. But they have to be of high standard, and I will take a long time to do them.

2. YES, You can ask me questions on the IB or specifics on any subject. But don't expect a quick answer.

3. NO, I will not be publishing my Extended Essay or other Assessment Work on this site.

4. NO, I will not get rid of the headers above the PDF files.

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